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I have started to work on the project 'Berlin East-West' last summer. The formal description that I have chosen for the project is photography of the area where the walls separated East - West Berlin. My first intention was to make semi - documentary records, because of its former significance, and my intuition tells me that probably there's nothing special about those areas at the present. I am curios to find out, how the Berlin municipality is dealing with their own past-through the new city planning. The concept of dealing with non-existing borders areas connected to another idea I had - borders (especially those which were formed in this century) are a matter of political definitions (probably the landscape and the people living on both sides of the fence have more in common than expected).
During the period of photography, I understood that it functions in several interrelated levels . It took me a short while to realize, that those old grey buildings I was looking for, are actually my need to find something similar to the building and neighbourhood I grew up in Kisheniev, Moldavia (former part of U.S.S.R) from the age of four to eight. It was an uneasy situation, because it was clear that there's no chance to find a place similar to my neighbourhood but still I had to go on searching for my lost memories. I started to think about memories - nostalgia and their connection to my dealing with photography. I realized that the need for "visual memories" (that photographs can provide) fulfilling my needs, are stronger than logical thought. This confrontation of desire for visual memories without the ability to fulfil them is in a way my attitude towards the medium for the last few years. It was a fictional purpose situation, where I could find from my anonymous reality ("private memory images”) which could represent some memory map of my childhood experiences. This disturbing awareness towards the situation, led me to photograph mainly backyards of houses, as if the camera could record some fictional tension, as if the wall was still there.