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In the year 2000, WERKSPOOR foundation initiated a project about the STORK area in Amsterdam. It was a multi disciplinary project, in which were participating a visual artist-Jan Rothuizen, a choreograph- Desirée Delaunay , historian - Jerzy Gawronski ,a video artist Boris Gerrets, a philosopher- Willem Koerse, sociology –Dietke van der Ree ,sounds artists- collective DAC~ and photographer - Ilya Rabinovich.
Each of us was asked to make a survey about the STORK area , which is situated in the end of CzaarPeter st. in Amsterdam. The historical importance of that area is that ships for the West India Company were built in that marine complex from the 17 century.
The timing of that project was crucial because from the year 2001 STORK area went through a major reconstruction.
In the end of the project WERKSPOOR foundation organized a three days manifestation exposing the different surveys. In the 2002 a book 11 ha- about the project was published .
For more information in Dutch about the project look at : http://www.werkspoor.org/storkeiland.html