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Dreams about America
Dutch architects and Frank Lloyd Wright from 29 November 2005 to 28 May 2006,Hilversum Museum for architecture. www.museumhilversum.nl
The American frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) belongs to the most fascinating architects of the twentieth century. Not only in the United States, but also in Europe he has had a large influence.
The country houses of Wright rapidly pleased the new middle class in America. The houses stood as model for spacetiosness, convenience and were attractive because they were not marred by historical details. They were appropriate in the ideal of modern people of the twentieth century, gave expression to its own unique existence in harmony with nature. This is probably also the reason why Wright-style in the Netherlands. Especially in the area around The Hague and Hilversum, was devise to Wrights example particularly popular. Dutch architects as a J. Wils, J.J.P. Old, H.Th. Wijdeveld or w. M. Dudok saw the possibility in the work of Wright to escape from a historical style. Its modern style and the involvement at nature revendicated the Dutch architects. Dudok for example, had been charmed by the way in which Wright buildings combined with surrounding nature. Clinging a building in its surroundings, use of fixed flower barges, making roofs which had suggest a solidarity of architecture and the ground; those are all characteristics that we can retrieve also in the work of Dudok. Also Wils let himself to be inspired by Wright. In Hilversum houses of Wils can be seen at the Simon Stevinweg, Johan Gerardtsweg and the Hendrik Keyserlaan.

For this exhibition I was commissioned to make a series which deals with the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright on modern architectural projects. I traveled to 5 different locations and the results can be seen in the series I made.